Does my business have to recycle?

All retail stores and businesses that generate used bulbs in Escambia County must recycle those bulbs. Landfill policy states that "NO" bulbs can go in the landfill.

What areas can Pensacola Recycling serve?

Pensacola Recycling serves customers from Tallahaseee, FL, to Pascagoula, MS, and as north as Montgomery, AL.

These are some of the business types we can help: Business and Industry,  Manufacturing Plants, Hospital Facilities, Auto Junkyards, HVAC Companies.

Should we use bulb crushers?

A bulb cusher creates a hazardous material and must have proper ventilation while in use, and proper personal protection equipment must be used.

Can we recycle mercury?

Pensacola Recycling, Inc. has specialized in mercury recycling since 1997.

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Department of Solid Waste Management, Escambia County, Florida

“Mercury is a persistent and chronic health threat to solid waste workers. It also presents an expensive problem to remove the mercury from the landfill leachate. Therefore, the best management practice for mercury-containing devices is recycling.”

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

“These types of spent lamps have been banned from solid waste incineration since July 1, 1994, in any quantity.”