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Who Must Recycle?

Go Green - do the right thingAll retail stores and business that generate used bulbs in Escambia County must recycle those bulbs. The letter from the Landfill states that "NO" bulbs can go in the landfill. This letter from Waste Recyclers of Northwest Florida to all it customers states the serious repercussions of improper light bulb disposal.

Pensacola Recycling - lease recycleBusinesses who choose the recycling option can expect a number of benefits. Recycling allows a company to:

  • Mimimize health and safety risk
  • Improve site housekeeping
  • Reduce waste to landfill
  • Demonstrate best environmental practice
  • Fully meet Duty of Care responsibility under the Environmental Protection Act of 1990

These are the type of businesses we can help:

  • Business and Industry
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Hospital Facilities
  • Auto Junkyards
  • HVAC Companies

Bulb Crushing is NOT the Answer

Go Green - do the right thingBulb crushing is the wrong way to dispose of and recycle used fluorescent light bulbs. Using this method creates hazardous waste.

Click here for pictures of bulb crushers

Pensacola Recycling, Inc. has specialized in mercury recycling since 1995. For information about how we can help you dispose of your fluorescent light bulbs, lamps or other listed materials, call 850 432-7833.

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