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Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling in Northwest Florida

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Although fluorescent lighting saves energy and money, it presents a special disposal consideration. Recycling solves this problem by separating the crushed components into reusable mercury, glass, aluminum, lead, copper and ash. None of the byproducts go to landfills - all materials are sold to industries and reused.

Florida has some of the toughest disposal prohibitions in the country on mercury-containing lamps. As of July 1, 1994, commercially-used fluorescent lamps may only be disposed of through a landfill designated for hazardous waste or through a special recycling process. There are no hazardous waste disposal sites in the state of Florida.

Pensacola Recycling - please recyclePensacola Recycling, Inc. has specialized in mercury recycling since 1995. For information about how we can help you dispose of your fluorescent lamps or other listed materials, call 850 432-7833.

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We also recycle HID lamps, batteries, devices containing mercury, ballast from flourescent lamps, computer parts, and a range of other materials. See What We Recycle for more information.

"Mercury is a persistent and chronic health threat to solid waste workers. It also presents an expensive problem to remove the mercury from the landfill leachate. Therefore, the best management practice for mercury-containing devices is recycling."

Paul Stevens
Former Department of Solid Waste Management, Escambia County, Florida

**department of Solid Waste Management-Environment Manager is now Ron Hixson**



"These types of spent lamps have been banned from solid waste incineration since July 1, 1994, in any quantity."

Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Managing Spent Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps, A Fact Sheet For Florida Businesses and Government Facilities



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