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Box Program Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling

Fluorescent Light box recycling programPensacola Recycling, Inc. has been in business for 13 years and we are trying to help the environment by helping you recycle your lamps and a low cost and save you money. Other competitors will charge you 3 to 4 times the price that we will charge you on their box programs.

Check out our Box Program for Fluorescent Light bulb recycling. It’s cheaper to do it this way, just use the box the bulbs came in and remove all cardboard from inside the box, tape the ends and all open areas for a complete seal for shipping.

First step is to call Pensacola Recycling Inc.(850) 432-7833 to find out the cost to recycle your fluorescent bulbs through our box program. Ask for Sonny or Jennifer.

Second call Fed-Ex ground or UPS ground and get a price for shipping the bulbs to Pensacola Recycling, Inc. The freight company will need to know the complete weight of each box to give you a cost for shipping.

Third and final step is for you or your company to pay for the shipping and include a check payable to Pensacola Recycling, Inc. for the cost of recycling the lamps.

When we receive shipment and payment you will be sent a paid receipt, a Bill of Lading and a recycling certificate for your bulbs. This shows that we received the bulbs and that they were recycled according to federal and state guidelines.

Here are the approximate shipping counts for each type of lamp.

4’ lamp box of T-12 hold 30 ea.
4’ lamp box of T-8 hold 40 ea.
8’ lamp box of T-12 hold 15-18 ea.
8’ lamp box of T-8 hold 25-30 ea.
U-Shaped T-12 boxes will hold 12 ea.
U Shaped T-8 will hold 18 or more.

H.I.D’s and low pressure sodium, compacts w/ ballasts and compacts w/o ballasts should be placed and packed in an appropriate box for shipping.

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